Bitsons Global MLM Review

Bitsons Global Review

The world of cryptocurrencies has been a pretty strong field for scams. We know that scammers stick to their virtual currency type with no guarantee from any bank or government.

This certainly makes it an opportunity for anyone who wants to make money at the expense of another. Fortunately, these cases are becoming increasingly well known, and governments penalize it worldwide. Especially in large developed countries, there are already charges, fines, and prison terms for carrying out electronic fraud.

The possibility of profiting through others is quite great, but also of being legally affected. The penalty for wire fraud in the United States is approximately 20 years in prison. And the monetary implications also add up to a significant amount, more than $ 500,000 for breaking the law.

How do you fight the scam in the cryptocurrency business?

It is fought very easily, with education. Education is the weapon for everything since if you have the key knowledge, this will not happen. However, and taking advantage of information gaps, some companies offer educational programs. But these are equally fraudulent, and through this program, they educate investors at will.

A scammer can skillfully take advantage of a person if they do not have the basic knowledge on any subject. In the case of cryptocurrency mining, even more so, of Bitcoin, this happens very often. It is impossible to explain in a short time how the process works and also understand it with the naked eye.

This requires a comprehensive process, which should include the penalty for breaking the law in any area. And so both new investors and scammers will know what to expect.

Bitsons Global is a clear example of how a lack of information can lead you no money without you noticing.

Bitsons Global and it’s way to scam new investors

Bitsons Global

The company Bitsons Global is in its broadest sense, a company that focuses on offering benefits and investments, as well as business opportunities. All of course, as part of a ghost trap, since nothing exists.

We explain why:

  1. A company guarantees that you will earn money quickly and easily
  2. It promises high performance, little effort but it will still double your profits in a short time
  3. Investment of money in dollars, in exchange for cryptocurrencies
  4. Statements and information about the company in question is confusing

All these points are common in scamming companies in the world of cryptocurrencies. As we have already said, this is always an opportunity, but we know what the catch is. With the right information, we will know what to expect.

Bitsons Global: False financial freedom/crypto pirating

Crypto pirating is when scammers use the power of your computer or phone to mine cryptocurrencies without your permission. Plus, you don’t get any benefit from it.

So it was, with many more reported cases, and a rigorous investigation that uncovered the way the scam worked at Bitsons Global.

Identified features to scam:

– The flaws in its web platform are constant

– It does not have records of how it works, and the comments on the service provided are deficient

– It has bureaux de change and fake wallets

Last year in the Google Store, people found thousands of fraudulent apps to mine Bitcoin. People denounced, and Google Store blocked from the network. However, some continue to circulate and scam everywhere.

Bond Opportunities: Another Scam Method

Through impostor accounts, mounted videos, and photos of “real cases” on social networks, fraudsters of this type of company orchestrate their attacks. The victim does not know if it is real or not, and that is where the frauds come from.

Many are the elements that, in the case of Bitsons Global, are used to generate trust in the client. The gifts by Social Networks is one of them, or what would be its equivalent, investment bonds.

Manipulating everything online is very simple and more common than you think as well as mounting a page that graphically looks very reliable and safe. Also, add work policies and testimonials of real earnings or good service.

Bitsons Global and its computing gaps in Blockchain

Bitsons Global knows how to use these elements to their advantage, taking into account that not many know about it. Furthermore, what they are looking for is to earn money quickly.

Police indict the creators of this platform its “Blockchain symphony,” the scammers of Bitsons Global, a German company with “branches” in various parts of the world. They broke the law in such a way that all their data is encrypted.

The country’s policies do not allow us to know more information about the scam and what was the amount stolen from its clients. However, its platform and all data on it have been suspended and discredited on the web.

Legal protections for working or paying for a cryptocurrency do not exist. There are many operations that these companies have used to defraud others.

The pyramid schemes used by these companies are a key point in identifying fraud. Many companies, including Bitsons Global, have used this structure to attract more customers and organize more scams.

Bitsons Global and the fraudulent way it operates

Bitsons Global scammers created a network by attracting new investors. His interest stemmed from finding people who were not very capable and unfamiliar with the subject to guide them towards this fraudulent system.

– Bitsons Global obtained money from its investors in exchange for future earnings

This is a common point that all cryptocurrency companies have to scam, offering quick profits with the minimum investment and effort.

– Invest money in physical with rewards in bitcoins (at a better price) according to the movement of the market

The person invests “real” money in exchange for virtual money that is supposedly more fluctuating and stable than the common currency. In this way, the trap begins, capturing new investors with the currency of the future as many call it.

– The company will give the final reward after the people investment for the extraction of cryptocurrencies

Participation in a mining group and the subsequent extraction of these cryptocurrencies, whether they are bitcoins or in the case of Bitsons Global, Blockchain. This works as a fraudulent method of making unilateral gains. That is, only for one person, in this case, the company, and not the investor.

The conclusion and the solution

Not all cryptocurrency markets are fraudulent, but they do not end up building trust. The fact that any bank or government does not back them represents a juicy scam opportunity.

Their niche is mainly for inexperienced people in this field, knowing that they will do exactly what they said with a minimum of information.

So the ideal way to avoid these scam cases like Bitsons Global is to make good use of education. This topic may lend itself to millions of other scam cases if people do not take it seriously. Also, it leaves exposed and unprotected to those who try to maximize their profits through this method.

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