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iPro Network Review | The Cryptocurrency Ponzi

Do you want to be part of the eCommerce world? Even if you are already an eCommerce professional, chances are you are probably looking for a way to bring your store closer to business automation.

Indeed, you can automate much of the hassle associated with running an online store by choosing a company such as iPro Network.

However, to incorporate advanced business strategies from social, tracking, promotion, and branding, you have to trust the right company. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at the iPro Network.

Moreover, we will share with you how to not fall into the trap of companies such as iPro Network. But first, let’s take a glance at what iPro Network is. 

What is the iPro Network?

  • Address: 9651 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, United States of America
  • Email: [email protected]

Pro Network is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to discover how to profit from simple eLearning courses. These courses teach you how to make money by leveraging E-Commerce, which is where retail has been going on for quite some time. Brick and Mortar stores are going to online Click and Order. E-Commerce and Online shopping is much more than a trend, it’s becoming a way of life.”

iPro Network Official Website

Of course, the reality is way different. To begin with, the company offers no retailable products or services of its own. In fact, iPro Network stimulates existing affiliates to market the iPro Network affiliate membership itself.

Further, once they succeed in recruiting people, the member who has signed up to iPro Network can invest in Pro Coin.

iPro Network and Pro Coin

Moreover, according to iPro Network, the starting value of Pro coins is around 2.5 cents each. Further, the company claims there will be 15 billion Pro Coins available.

As a result, here comes the exciting part. In reality, Pro Coin is not publicly tradeable. In other words, the only way to buy this coin is via the iPro Network affiliate membership. 

Also, how can affiliates be sure that the price is not manipulated by the very same people who are offering it? Indeed, this MLM company wholly controls the value of the coin, and this is a big red flag. 

For this reason, we are curious. In particular, how are affiliates going to convert the Pro Coins to a currency which they can use for their business? 

With this in mind, let’s continue with the other interesting facts.

The name of the company that is developing the Pro Coin is Pro Commerce. Further, the project founder of Pro commerce is Carlos Contreras.

Also, according to several reliable sources, iPro Network works with an e-commerce platform Pro Rewards. 

iPro Network Revenue

  • 2015 Revenue: $20 million
  • 2016 Revenue: $20 million
  • 2017 Revenue: $20 million
  • 2018 Revenue: $15 million 

Joining iPro Network

So, to become an affiliate of the iPro Network, you must pay the $50 fee. However, you will also have to choose between one of the following five packages: 

  • Basic – $100
  • Intermediate – $500
  • Accelerated – $1500
  • Advanced – $2500
  • Professional – $5500

iPro Network Packages 

Basic Package 

In short, the iPro Network Basic package provides the foundation for a reliable eCommerce store and allows members to automate their business. 

  • Product Sourcing 
  • Automated Marketing 
  • Step By Step Instruction
  • Expert Guidance
  • Group Buying Power
  • Daily Product Updates 
  • Private Breakout Sessions 

Intermediate Package 

iPro Network Intermediate package brings insight and tools to all members who have already built a strong eCommerce foundation using the basic package.

  • Best Seller Rankings 
  • Competition Insights
  • Mobile Scan
  • ASIN Import Tool 
  • Product Pricing 
  • Reverse Search 
  • Transparent Product Ratings 

 Accelerated Package 

In brief, the Accelerated package focuses on the setup and operation of a Shopify storefront – the top-rated, high-converting, and reasonably priced eCommerce platform.

  • Shopify Setup 
  • Shopify Theme 
  • Sales Pages
  • Branding on Shopify 
  • Shopify Recommended Apps
  • Shopify Drop Shipping
  • Email Ads

Advanced Package 

The Advanced package incorporates advanced business strategies from social, tracking, promotion, and branding. In other words, bringing members closer to business automation.

  • Drop-Shipping Techniques 
  • Promotional Strategies 
  • Google Traffic
  • Facebook Traffic
  • Google Shopping 
  • Profit Investment 
  • Building a Converting Funnel

Professional Package 

iPro Network Professional package brings the full power of eCommerce to the hands of all members with highly detailed training on Amazon store management and success.

  • Advanced FBA Setup
  • Amazon Plans Explained 
  • Affiliate Network 
  • Link Traffic
  • Cross Promotion 
  • Dynamic Product Ads 
  • Amazon Brand Ranking

iBuyRite System

Well, according to iPro Network, the iBuyRite System is a Turnkey solution for eCommerce professionals. However, to gain access to the iBuyRite System, affiliates have to reach the Accelerated, Advanced, or Professional Package levels of the iPro Network Platform. 

  • Turnkey eCom
  • New Stores Being Added
  • Tested Products
  • Simple Setup
  • Amazing Support
  • Build Your Own Brand
  • Sit Back and Get Paid

Compensation Plan

By investing real money into the Pro Coin Cryptocurrency, affiliates can reap the perks of the compensation plan this company provides. In fact, the more people you recruit, the more money you could earn.

Further, as other multi-level marketing companies, iPro Network’s primary goal is to recruit as many people as people. In other words, you could earn money not only by the people you have engaged with the Platform.

On the other hand, if they do the same, you will also benefit. Moreover, it is important to note that with iPro Network, only 70% of the commissions are paid out to affiliates. Typically, the rest is paid via Pro Coins. 

Recruitment Commissions 

Furthermore, the commission rate depends on the amount the person you have recruited invests. Moreover, the investment packages they chose and their respective commission payout are also relevant. For example, you will earn:

  • $10 if the recruited person invests $100 in the Basic package. 
  • $50 if the recruited person invests $500 in the Intermediate package.
  • $150 if the recruited person invests $1500 in the Accelerated package.
  • $250 if the recruited person invests $2500 in the Advanced package.
  • $550 if the recruited person invests $5500 in the Professional package. 

Residual Commissions

Typically, multi-level marketing companies that offer residual commissions pay them via a binary compensation structure. If you are an affiliate in iPro Network, then the binary compensation structure places you at the top of a binary team. 

Moreover, there are levels. For example, the first level houses two positions, and it is directly under you. Further, the second level of the binary team consists of 4 positions.

Furthermore, subsequent levels are generated by splitting the positions from the previous level into another two positions each. 

With iPro Network, there is no limit to how deep the binary team can grow. Moreover, affiliates get a 10% commission on the investment volume. However, this commission is generated by the weaker side of the group. 

Matching Bonus 

This MLM company offers a 10% matching bonus on residual commissions on up to four levels of recruitment. Also, the number of levels depends on the amount the affiliate had spent when they first signed up to the iPro Network affiliate membership. For example: 

  • Basic affiliates do not earn a matching bonus
  • Intermediate members earn the matching bonus on level 1
  • Accelerated affiliates earn the matching bonus on levels 1 and 2
  • Advanced members earn the matching bonus on levels 1 to 3
  • Professional affiliates earn the matching bonus on levels 1 to 4

Leadership Rank Bonus 

Basically, this iPro Network Bonus is easy to understand. It depends on the qualification of the following iPro Network affiliate ranks: 

  • Rank Pro 1 – $50
  • Leadership Rank Pro 2 – $200
  • Rank Pro 3 – 1% bonus commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
  • Leadership Rank Pro 4 – 1.5% bonus commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
    • Pro 3 ranked affiliates reduce the percentage to 0.5%
  • Rank Pro 5 – 2% bonus commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
    • 0.5% paid on recruited Pro 4 ranked affiliate teams
    • 1% on Pro 3 ranked teams
  • Leadership Rank Pro 6 – 2.5% bonus commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
    • 0.5% paid on recruited Pro 5 ranked affiliate teams
    • 1% on Pro 4 ranked teams
    • 1.5% on Pro 3 ranked teams
  • Rank Pro 7 – 3% bonus commission on investment volume generated by personally recruited affiliates
    • 0.5% paid on recruited Pro 6 ranked affiliate teams
    • 1% on Pro 6 ranked teams
    • 1.5% on Pro 4 ranked teams
    • 2% on Pro 3 ranked teams

Bottom Line

In reality, as of 2017, Pro Coin no longer exists. In addition, the new name of the coin is Pro Currency, which is publicly tradeable. Moreover, PROC is currently trading at $0.000041. And, with iPro Network, affiliates receive Pro Currency (formerly Pro Coin) after they have invested money in the company.

However, they have to hope that the price of the coin will go up so that they can sell them. So, given all the red flags as well as the fact that the website of iPro Network is no longer functioning, we believe the team behind iPro Network has decided to change their strategy.

Finally, the iPro Network Ponzi Scheme has collapsed after making millions of dollars. Not only this but the iPro Network team has built a new one scam – Pro Currency.

Hopefully, people who are looking for a way to invest and grow their money will be more careful when choosing a platform. 

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