Synergy Worldwide Review

Synergy Worldwide Review | Long-Term Scam or Great Income Opportunity?

Is this a long-term Ponzi scheme or a reliable multi-level marketing company? Should people believe in their promises? Is the company transparent? Let’s find out. 

Synergy Worldwide exists since 1999 as a company with headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States. Dan Higginson, the founder of this MLM company, has chosen the niche of health and wellness. This man had a brilliant idea. Why? 

Well, it took the company one year to attract the giant – Nature’s Sunshine Products. And since 2000, Nature’s Sunshine Products is the parent organisation of Synergy Worldwide. Given all the facts, both companies have been fortunate throughout the years. 

Unfortunately, Synergy Worldwide was performing well until recent months. The company has faced a $1 million decline in sales, but nobody seems to be talking about this. What is it they are trying to hide? Is it their products? 

Products |Synergy Worldwide 

There is a fair amount of products Synergy Worldwide offers to its customers. The company claims to be selling only innovative and high-quality products. Moreover, it focuses on three niches – health and wellness. 

Further, Synergy Worldwide’s product line consists of: 

  • Proargi-9+ – an L-Arginine supplement
  • Heart Health – a pack of supplements that promotes cardiovascular health
  • Core Nutrition 
  • Weight Management – proteins, amino acids, cleansing herbs
  • Fitness – an L-Arginine based pack
  • Personal Care – cosmetics line for skincare 

But do these products work? Is there any proof Synergy Worldwide’s products actually are effective? Unfortunately, we can not say with certainty. However, as you can see, the company is a big fan of the amino acid L-Arginine. Almost every other product of Synergy Worldwide has it as an ingredient. 

Even though many studies show L-Arginine is beneficial to the human body, recent studies don’t agree. On the contrary, the latest reports indicate that this amino acid might be harmful in so many ways. Indeed, this topic is very controversial. But then why does the company continue to use L-Arginine if they are not 100% sure it is harmless?

MLM Structure

One of the main reasons why this company chose to sell its product by using MLM is the rapid growth of the business. By becoming a salesperson for Synergy Worldwide, you will start making money from every sale. Moreover, by recruiting people, you will get paid for every purchase they make. Typically, it’s a percentage of the total price. 

In this situation, everybody wins. You will be making money from your own sale, but your team will also bring you money. On the other hand, the people you have recruited will have a source of income. And last but not least, Synergy Worldwide is selling products through each salesperson. However, the company is also expanding itself. 

Cost of Becoming an Affiliate | Synergy Worldwide 

Synergy Worldwide charges new affiliates a membership fee of $24.95. However, after that, you have to decide which membership plan you want to use. You have three options to choose from. 

  1. Leader Plan
  2. Executive Plan
  3. Elite Plan 

Moreover, you have to choose a plan. Otherwise, you won’t be considered an active affiliate. 

So, if you choose the Leader Plan, you will have to purchase 150PV worth of products. This amount doubles for the next plan – 300PV. Last but not least, with the Elite Plan, you need to purchase 500PV. 

Compensation Plan

SynergyWorldwide pays out 55% of all commissionable sales on either a weekly or monthly basis. In fact, there are seven different ways, so let’s take a look at them. 

Weekly Payout

  1. Product Retail: Earn a suggested 30% markup of all purchased products
  2. Bonus: Earn a Fast Start Bonus
  3. Elite Rebate: 25% rebate on all personal and customer product sales placed above the monthly Elite qualification sales requirement

Monthly Payout

  1. Commission: up to 10% commission of your weak leg volume
  2. Mega-Match: match up to 100% of all basic commissions earned by your personally sponsored downline.
  3. Leadership Bonus: earn a percentage of your strong leg volume based on weak leg volume.
  4. Global Share Bonus: By reaching 400,000 CV in weak leg volume, you can participate in a share of total company CV.

Pin Level Recognition

With Synergy Worldwide, the more people you recruit, the higher the commissionable volume (CV). For this ranks to seem like a huge deal,  the company gives certificates of achievement, online recognition, and event recognition once a new level is achieved. Take a look at the 15 ranks. 

  • Star 500 CV
  • Bronze 1,500 CV
  • Silver 3,000 CV
  • Gold 4,500 CV
  • Team Leader 6,000 CV
  • Team Manager 14,000 CV
  • Team Director 30,000 CV
  • Team Elite 60,000 CV
  • Pearl Executive 100,000 CV
  • Emerald Executive 200,000 CV
  • Diamond Executive 300,000 CV
  • Presidential Executive 400,000 CV
  • Double Presidential Executive 800,000 CV

Sponsor one Presidential Executive

  • Tripple Presidential Executive 1,200,000 CV

Sponsor two Presidential Executives-one on each leg-or three Presidential Executives

  • Legacy Presidential Executive 2,000,000 CV

Sponsor four Presidential Executives—at least one on each leg

Bottom Line: 

As we said, Synergy Worldwise had a decline in sales this year. However, this is not the only negative statistic about this MLM company. The website traffic has fallen from 400k monthly visitors to only 77k. If this is a legit company that has managed to validate its name on the market, what is going on? 

Obviously, the company is not stable. The problem is serious. People are losing interest in this company for one reason or another. So, would it be smart to become an affiliate of the company and invest your money? The answer is no. What is currently happening seems like what every MLM Ponzi scheme does. They rise big, and then they scam out.

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