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Monat Global Review | Great Opportunity or Scam?

Monat Global is a well-known company in the beauty industry as it offers numerous anti-aging, naturally based beauty products. Currently, the company sells hair treatment products as well as skincare products. 

By reading this article, you will gain the necessary information regarding this company. Moreover, the information here will help you decide whether you should become a part of the Monat Global VIP Program, order their products, or avoid both. 

The website of Monat Global generates roughly 340k. monthly visits. Moreover, the majority of people who browse are from the following countries: the United States with 80%, Canada with 13%, the United Kingdom with only 4%, Mexico with 2%, and Puerto Rico with almost 1%. In other words, the company is focused on distributing its products and recruiting people mainly from North America. 

What is Monat Global? 

Chairman and Co-Founder: Luis Urdaneta  

CEO and Co-Founder: Ray Urdaneta 

Monat Global is an MLM company, which offers naturally based anti-aging products such as hair care and skin care products. The company is a subsidiary of Alcora Corporation.

On the other hand, Alcora Corporation owns Project Beauty, B&R Products, Inc., and more. 

The beauty conglomerate, Monat Global is on the market since 2014. Since then, the company has come a long way. One of the reasons for the success of this MLM company is the groundbreaking opportunities it offers.

For instance, many people believe Monat Global offers one of the most generous compensation plans currently. 

Furthermore, the company sells revolutionary hair care products. In 2019, Monat Global expanded its product line by launching new skincare products. However, there is controversy when it comes to the effectiveness of these products.

Moreover, people, using Monat Global hair care products, complain they have experienced hair loss or scalp irritation. Other people, who are affiliates, are unsatisfied by the policy the company has. 

So, is Monat Global a trustworthy company worth your time either as a customer or as an affiliate, or is another MLM scam? We will leave this tough decision for you.

But before we continue, let’s take a glance at the annual revenue of Monat Global, as the company has generated massive revenues for the past four years. So, let’s see how much the company has made by selling their products. 

  • 2015 Revenue: $19 Million
  • 2016 Revenue: $41 Million
  • 2017 Revenue: $319 Million
  • 2018 Revenue: $434 Million

The Current Leadership Team of Monat Global

We heard rumors that some of the Monat Global leaders are from the Urdaneta family. In fact, other members of this particular family are also involved in the company. 

  • Luis Urdaneta – Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Rayner Urdaneta – CEO and Co-Founder
  • Stuart A. MacMillan – President (The previous CEO of Telexfree, a Ponzi scheme shut down by the SEC in 2014.)
  • Thomas Hoolihan – SVP and Chief Legal Officer
  • Linda Lucas Padilla – SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
  • John Leitsch – SVP and Chief Information Officer
  • Javier Urdaneta – Chief of Staff
  • Lela Russo – Vice president of Marketing
  • Chris Reshotkin – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jamie S. Ross – SVP, Research & Development
  • Natalie Johns – VP of Sales
  • Julie Garrison – VP of Commissions

Monat Global Products

The company not only offers a unique business model, but it also provides revolutionary anti-aging, natural-based products, or so they claim. However, statistically speaking, the anti-aging innovator has sold over 20 million units of its products. Furthermore, Monat Global claims all products are safe, without any parabens, harmful colors, or fragrances. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, numerous people have had bad experiences with Monat Global’s hair care products. For example, customers complain they have experienced hair loss, scalp irritation, skin allergies, or complete baldness after using the natural-based products of Monat Global. Of course, this made us wonder whether these products are indeed natural-based.

Currently, the company is selling different products. For example, Monat Global products include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Scalp Rejuvenation Oil
  • Hair Rejuvenating Vitamins/Supplements

Furthermore, some of the company’s most sold products are: 

  • Restructuring Hair Care
  • Advanced Hydrating Hair Care
  • Volume System
  • Hydration System
  • Stylized System
  • Magnify System
  • Effortless System
  • Densify Duo
  • R3
  • Confidence System
  • Monat Black System
  • Monat Junior

It is important to note that Monat Global also offers products for pets. Hopefully, no pets have experienced skin irritation or fur loss. 

Monat Global Vip Program

Monat Global recruits affiliates by promising them extraordinary advantages. For example, if the order is above $83, the shipping is free. The VIP Program also offers a 15% discount on Monat Global naturally based products.

Further, with the Vip Membership, you will receive free limited products that are worth $25 for each Flexship order you make. Also, the goal is to recruit people. So, for each friend of yours that signs up for the VIP Program, you will receive a $20 bonus. 

The Vip Program costs $19,99 per month. However, you have to purchase three Flexship orders during this time. Also, for your order to qualify as a Flexship order, it has to be at least $83.

The tricky part is if you decide you want to cancel your subscription. Then you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $25. On the other hand, if you have only one Flexship order left, then the cancellation fee will be $19.

Latest News 


Monat Global introduced a new skincare line to an audience of 8,000 Monat Market Partners at the company’s annual conference. In the first 36 hours after the launch of the skincare line, the company sold $4 million worth of product.

Further, according to the Co-Founder and CEO of Monat Global, Ray Urdaneta, more than 20,000 people have joined the waitlist for a restock. 


It is no secret that Monat Global is being sued. Moreover, the company must face a proposed class action. And, according to the latest news, the U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles in Miami, Florida, ruled the plaintiffs sufficiently alleged the Alcora Corp subsidiary’s products were defectively designed.

Furthermore, the U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles ruled that the beauty conglomerate failed to inspect the ingredients for contamination. 


Monat Global announced a new skincare technology. Moreover, the anti-aging innovator unveiled the expansion of its product line with three new multi-functional tightening, brightening, protective, and plumping products. 

The new launches include:

  • 30 Second Miracle™ Instant Perfector ($90)
  • C. Radiance™ Illuminating Serum ($95)
  • NIGHT HAVEN™ Overnight Age Control Cream ($80)

Furthermore, this time, the Monat Global Chief Science Officer, Alan J. Meyers, vouches for these products. According to him:

These are clinically-tested treatments that yield fast, visible results. They incorporate effortlessly into MONAT’s existing morning and night routines, and amplify the glowing, firming, and smoothing benefits our customers love. Our MONAT Skincare Matrix is an impressive powerhouse we are excited to continue building.”

Should you purchase products or become a part of the Monat Globals VIP Program? 

Indeed, Monat Global is a beauty conglomerate. However, many people are currently suing the company due to hair loss or scalp irritation after using Monat Global’s hair products.

Moreover, the company is using harsh chemicals that are made in contaminated facilities. 

Here’s a list of some of Monat Global Lawsuits

Trisha Whitmire and Emily Yanes de Flores vs. Monat Global Corp. 

  • Date: 2018 February 
  • Plaintiffs: Trisha Whitemire, Emily Yanes de Flores
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000

Dana Sohovich vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: 2018 March
  • Plaintiffs: Dana Sohovich
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000 

Botallico vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: 2018 April
  • Plaintiffs: Kelley Botallico
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: Not Set

Heather Maur vs. Monat Global Corp. 

  • Date: 2018 May
  • Plaintiffs: Heather Maur
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: Not Set 

Donna Stefforia vs. Monat Global Corp.

  • Date: 2018 July
  • Plaintiffs: Donna Stefforia
  • Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
  • Lawsuit Amount: Not Set

Monat Customer Reviews 

Customers all over the United States share similar stories of hair loss and scalp sores. Furthermore, some women claim Monat products made clumps of their hair to start falling out. In other words, although Monats products help support healthy-looking skin and hair, most customers think otherwise.

Also, according to many reliable sources, Monat Global Products are not tested by the FDA. This fact is of extreme importance, especially if you are considering their VIP Program or even buying their products. 

Currently, there are over 700 Better Business Bureau complaints as well as 300 class-action lawsuits filed against Monat Global. Do you still think they use natural-based ingredients in their products? Think about the following.

If you are the owner of a legit MLM beauty brand, which sells anti-aging, naturally based beauty products, would you want your products to be FDA tested? Admittedly, 700 complaints and 300 class-action lawsuits speak otherwise. 

Furthermore, these people have all experienced adverse side effects ranging from scalp irritation to complete hair loss. Some customers even claim that once these side effects begin, the adverse effects continue for weeks or months after they have stopped using Monat Global’s products. 

Final Thoughts

It must be challenging to build an empire, especially in the beauty niche. However, it should not be difficult to establish a legitimate business in the United States of America.

Furthermore, every company in the beauty business should have its products tested by the government. That is, of course, if the company wants to operate for a long time and make a good name. 

In this case, Monat Global Products are not tested by the FDA. Further, the company even tries to defend their reputation by claiming this is a natural process. In fact, they claim that initial hair loss is all part of a purported “detox” period that comes before the regenerative properties of the products kicking in.

Not only this, but the MLM company even tries to encourage these customers to buy more and more products.  So, would we recommend this company? The answer is 100% no.

Don’t buy products from this company. Don’t become an affiliate and try to resell their products. This is not a great opportunity. In other words, don’t get involved with a company that has over 700 Better Business Bureau complaints as well as 300 class-action lawsuits.

Furthermore, Monat Global might end up being a Ponzi scheme. Hopefully, this article helped you learn everything you need to know about the company, its products, and the Monat Global VIP Program.

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