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Bitrading 888 Review | Legit Crypto MLM or ROI Scam?

Is this MLM company a scam? Well, keep on reading to find out the truth about Bitrading 888. Currently, there is a lot of hype around this company, so we decided to dig deeper and see for ourselves if the company is legit. 

Unfortunately, there is not much information on the Internet. But we have done our best, and we have the answers. 

What is Bitrading 888

Bitrading 888 is a new company on the market. The company is an MLM Ponzi Scheme focused on three different market spheres:

  • Forex Market
  • Crypto Trading 
  • Sports Trading 

Moreover, Bitrading 888 ‘s social profiles have been in existence since April/May. In such a short time, it is difficult to predict the true intentions of the company. However, if we look at the site traffic, we will see that in the short period in which the company exists, they have gathered a massive flow of people.

Legit Crypto MLM or ROI Scam?

By looking at the traffic of their website, we noticed that most Bitrading 888 users are from the following five countries: 

Brazil – 61.55%

Colombia – 4.89%

Venezuela – 4.23%

Ukraine – 2.93%

Portugal – 2.46%

Also, there is another interesting thing we noticed. Currently, Bitrading 888 has nearly 556.40K monthly visits. However, back in March 2019, the company had 0 monthly visitors. It took them six months to surpass half a million monthly visitors. Six months from now, imagine what the number would be. 

And if this does not seem suspicious to you, consider the following: what are the reasons for a company to invest such vast amounts of money in advertising?

1) To establish itself as soon as possible on the market

2) To attract customers as quickly as possible 

3) To scam as many people as possible because the site will not exist in a year or two

As you might guess, all three reasons are valid for Bitrading 888.

Investment Packages

Bitrading 888 offers different investment packages. Moreover, each one of these packages promises up to 2% per day profits.

  • Daily Gains 100 
  • Daily Gains 500
  • Daily Gains 1000 
  • Daily Gains 2500 
  • Daily Gains 5000
  • Daily Gains 12500 
  • Daily Gains 25000
  • Daily Gains 50000 

Compensation Plan

Bitrading 888 has different levels for the compensation plan. Further, the company pays referral commissions several levels up to level 6.

  • Level 1 – Receive 5% of what your referral invested 
  • Level 2 – Receive 1% of what your referral invested
  • Level 3 – Receive 1% of what your referral invested
  • Level 4 – Receive 1% of what your referral invested
  • Level 5 – Receive 1% of what your referral invested
  • Level 6 – Receive 1% of what your referral invested

Rank Achievements And Bonuses

Depending on the rank achievment, Bitrading 888 affiliates get different bonuses. For example: 

  • qualify at Rank Bronze + 50 000 Points = $500 
  • qualify at Rank Silver + 100 000 Points = $1 000
  • qualify at Rank Gold + 250 000 Points = $2 500 
  • qualify at Rank Ruby + 500 000 Points = $5 000 + Macbook Pro
  • qualify at Rank Emerald + 1 000 000 Points = $10 000 + International Trip
  • qualify at Rank Diamond + 2 500 000 Points = qualify at Rank DBL Diamond + 5 000 000 Points = $50 000 + Nissan GT-R
  • qualify at Rank Triple Diamond + 12 500 000 Points = $150 000 + Ferarri 400
  • qualify at Rank Black Diamond + 50 000 000 Points = $1 000 000 + Zephyr Helicopter

Residual Team Income and Binary Commissions

Investors can receive up to 16% on team revenue. Moreover, this residual team income is paid as points. Furthermore, Bitrading 888 affiliates earn 10% of the volume that is generated by their weakest leg – 1 point equals $1. 

  • Bitrader 100 – Reveice up to the 1 Level
  • Bitrader 500 – Reveice up to the 2 Level
  • Bitrader 1 000 – Reveice up to the 3 Level
  • Bitrader 2 500 – Reveice up to the 4 Level
  • Bitrader 5 000 – Reveice up to the 5 Level
  • Bitrader 12 500 – Reveice up to the 6 Level
  • Bitrader 25 000 – Reveice up to the 7 Level
  • Bitrader 50 000 – Reveice up to the 8 Level

Activation, Payments and Withdraws

Bitrading 888 operates with Bitcoin only. In other words, all investment plans purchased

will be in Bitcoin. Moreover, all payments and withdraws as well. However, they will be made with the exchange rate of Bitcoin at the moment. 

Furthermore, there is a 5% fee for withdrawals, and the minimum withdrawal is $50. Also, they are cleared every Tuesday and Thursday, being paid in up to 48 hours. 

Bottom Line

Unsurprisingly, Bitrading 888 is another Crypto Ponzi MLM scheme. With the company being based in Brazil, targeting Portuguese and Chinese speaking countries, the absence of any information about the company, it is no wonder we have our doubts. We think that the company has already managed to get its hands on many people. 

However, we hope more people will realise that there is no such thing as easy money. After all, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Think smart and invest in already established companies. Choose companies which share every information about what’s going on in the company. 

So, don’t risk your money with shady companies! There are too many Ponzi schemes out there. However, by reading reviews, it would be much easier to realize which companies are scams and which are legit. 

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